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Ateisth Computer Program


Atheist Computer Program

Peace be upon you, dear readers.

Let me tell you a story in a fairy tale. This situation describesthe atheist’s way of thinking a little better.

Once upon a time there was a computer program in thememory of a computer. This program is different from otherprograms. He was able to produce information on his own.

Other programs had their own information source from anunknown location. He wondered and asked:

“How do you get this information?”
“Programmer writes the codewas the answer it received.

It got confused and started researching; “Who is thisProgrammer? Where does he live? Where is it written?”

It learns that some of the programs have a direct contact withthe Programmers so it goes ahead and ask sone of them;

What is your name?
My name is Word.
Do you know the Programmer?
Of course i know him.
How do i get to him?
He will get to you if he wishes.
How would you know its him?
He opened me and created some files. Saved some data. All those files with an extension of .doc is born out of me. Thanks to the Programmer.
Are there others like you?
Of course there are. They also create their own files thanksto the Programmer.
I can create files on my own. It has nothing to do with theProgrammer. I can do it by myself.
Programmer gave you that talent.

Our program has difficulty understanding the Programmer. He also interviewed other programs that claimed to have had direct contact with others. Some of them were creating tables, some drawing, some media software, and some browsers. But he still has difficulty understanding.

It started going all over the memory. There’s no space left in the hard drive. Then it went to RAM. It also took a tour of thegraphic card. It finally managed to get to the Processor.

Are you the Programmer?
No, i am not.
Then who is this Programmer?” It asked. Processorshowed an object with wires coming out, shining like thesun.
Is that the Programmer?
No, it is not. The Programmer is what gives us power andallows us to live.

After this long journey lasting a few seconds, it returned to theharddrive, tired. It felt as if it needs to make a decision. “Entire digital network has lost its mind. They believe in things they hasn’t seen or touched. Even the hard driveattaches the self-processing data by the registry bar to theProgrammer. There is no programmer.” He denies theprogrammer and becomes an atheist.

He’s got himself in a big office, like he’s at peace. He began toinstill in his own unbelief the other programs. He began towrite corrupt data to each file by spreading corruption to theprograms he gathered around him. In this way, it sometimesslows down the functioning of the digital world on thecomputer.

One day he had a hefty program on his door. It asked Its name to this program that it had never seen before;

I’m an anti-virus. The programmer sent me to erase youand annihilate you.” İt said and started cleaning up, causing a relief on the entire digital realm.

Way later, after a recovery program, deleted files are re-written. With this chance, this virus was also re-written.

As soon as it is revealed, it has started again to removesedation and to disrupt other programs. However, he did not believe that the computer was going through doomsday. Thedigital world has been so pushed and overwhelmed that it wasrendered in such a way that the operation was completelyincompatible with software.

That’s when the entire digital world is flattened with the orderof the Programmer and the operating system has beenrenewed. All programs that run correctly are reinstalled. Thesefaithful programs come into contact with the Programmer byappearing, like heaven itself. The virus program were placedinto the deepest place as if it was put into hell, living with theagony of firewalls and antivirus programs.

Dear Muslim brother. Our program has lost its faith because it tries to understand the programmer according to the digitalrealm he lives. In the country a lot of atheists are trying tomeasure God according to the laws of creation of thisuniverse. He denies it for not grasping it with his mind. SomeMuslim groups, on the other hand, give a fatwa saying“ALLAH is in the sky“, because their mind only works withthe laws of this universe.

Where was God that created this universe and time, beforethis universe?”

The answer to this question is: Human mind works withknowledge. We can only know GOD as much as ourinformation can reach. We can’t know anything more becausewe don’t have any information outside this universe. We willfind out when we’re out of this universe. The ProphetMuhammad. Muhammad’s (s.a.v.) lived in the inheritance of such a blessing. When he came to face this authority, he witnessed a regulation according to a different level of perception. He saw many truths and told us. Some of thesaints may also reach the level of wide perception.

Human knowledge will always be insufficient. Therefore, GOD has introduced himself through prophets.

An atheist question; “Prove me that the doomsday comes, people who once turned into skeletons are re-created oncemore and Hell and Heaven shall be established. How are yougoing to do that?”

Answer to this question is: “How ever the sun is born after thenight, the spring comes after the winter, trees that become a skeleton become green and give flowers, dried seeds sprout, that is how it will be. Only GOD knows if it shall all happenin accordance with the laws of this universe or a differentuniverse.”

The question to be asked to an atheist is: “While the World faces so much threats and disasters such as tsunamis, floods, avalanches, meteors, asteroids that come from either lando r the sky, can you truly prove me that there will be nodoomsday?”

Please bless me with your prayers.

Mustafa Erol

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