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Information about Islam

What is Islam? What is it not?

God created humans. The only reason for this creation is as it is explained in a verse from the Quran. In the Zariyat Section, 56th verse, it states: “I created humans and djinns so that they would worship me.” This means that the purpose we come to this World is not to live beautifully. It is not about having fun, not about being happy, not about being unhappy. We are facing a concept that covers all of these. BEING TESTED.

In this test, what we must do in this World is clearly stated. It is to pray, to worship. When we say, “to worship”, it is not without awareness. By reading and understanding. To pay regards for the God’s Grace. No matter how much we plan related to life, the most mature way in an average life span of a human is how much God gives us consent for. Woe to those who spent their life in disappointment…

Islam is not a trade organization. One should stay away from Charlatans who collect Money to fill their pockets in the name of Muslims and so-called communities, affiliations and cults that exploit the spiritual feelings hidden under the veil of Islam. Religion is based of sincerity. Every kind of charity is done for God’s Grace, not to be advertised, no one is to collect benefits to persons or collect Money with this charity work. Islam is not a tool to exploit people in a tangible manner. It is not wise to go after these people without any conscience and without thinking, accepting each person with a religious look in advance. The first order of the Qur’an is read. Reading should not be perceived as reading only, but should be cascaded as reading, understanding and comprehension.

Islam is not a terrorist religion. Today, in the name of Islam, murdering groups shouting Allahu Ekber are terrorist groups in its most sensible name and they are not relevant to Islam by any means. Islam is a religion of tolerance and peace, and these groups are fueling polarization in Islam. It is the war of the West, the Cross and the Crescent. This war will always be. One must grasp the big picture played well.

Islam is not an institution to earn money and provide livelihood. It is also not a means of earning money by writing so-called amulets under the names of sorcery, healings, vincals. Woe to those who instrument Islam in their personal interests. Woe to those who use Islam as such for their own interests and hinder the spread of God’s religion as it causes people to stay away from Islam. It should be kept in mind that the contribution of individuals who have used the Islam for their evil aspirations is great cause to pull individuals away from god, turning them into atheists.

It is necessary to know that they will lose according to the Qur’an, but in this process how much are you with Islam? What did you do to learn Islam? After the life of this temporary world, are you prepared for the eternal afterlife? Did you ask yourself how to correct yourself and how appropriate your life is according to tradition? Unless you question, as long as you don’t contemplate, you’ll always be missing a side unless you’re directed to worship. As a person who has no hope is scattered with every flock of wind, if your spirituality is weak, you too will scatter like a piece of sand with the wind and God have mercy you might lose your afterlife. Once you lose your afterlife, what benefit is there even if you have the entire world?

In short, Islam is never a terror religion. Islam is not a commercial. Islam is the last religion of Allah as the most honorable and superior religion. In the sight of Allah Islam is the sole religion. It is our duty as Muslims to understand and explain Islam and to realize that Islam is understood by all. Even though the blessing is given by god, it is our duty to tell and guide.

You are my brother! Hoping that you are one of the worshippers who please the God, Read, Learn, Apply, Understand and Tell.

With salutes and prayers…